Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update - Approved News Vendors

After leading their enterprises into a propaganda wilderness, CEOs of NBC, ABC, and CNN were fired in September.  I doubt their enterprises will recover...I know they won't in this house.  An insurance company irked me 40-years ago--despite going through a succession of new owners over those 40-years, they never convinced me to spend another penny with them.  And I've managed to pass my boycott notions on to another generation. 

Capt. Sully Sullenberger referred to the USAir revolving door management as being a substantial factor in the problems plaguing his industry. That so-called management style got its start in American industry during the early 1970s even before the Captain started flying.

For at least the past 40-years in my memory large businesses have been "run" by a succession of "professional" managers who mostly come from the financial disciplines, supplied by the "investors" who owned the large enterprises. But that's another story apart from this one.

The breath-taking credibility decline in America's news businesses has reduced once-mighty world news reporters to shadows of their former substance--staffed by people who quite visibly lack the substance of their predecessors.  Soon after the first and second generation owner/managers retired or sold out to "equity investors" came the implementation of professional business controls on the formerly entrepreneurial enterprises, including the arrival of professional managers, and the "mission" to make the news divisions profitable.

Veteran newsmen howled at the thought of introducing the profit motive to the news divisions claiming that it would inevitably lead to the loss of objectivity.  They were right.  What masquerades as "news" these days is mostly propaganda put forth by one corporate entity or another.  And the corporate goal is the same as it always is...vanquish the competition and gain a monopoly until the people rise up against it.  Fox is about all we have left.


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