Monday, November 10, 2014

1963 – 1964 Lad and Lassie TARTAN Features

The Lad and Lassie feature in the EH student newspaper, THE TARTAN, are interesting reading and provide a glimpse of a number of young people just at the beginning of their adult life, now over 50-years ago.

There were 14 of these features published over the 1963-64 school year; all of them are published here.  I have no idea how the subjects were chosen, but do recognize that they are some of the more prominent members of the 1964 class. 

Last year’s Class of 1963 Lad and Lassies are HERE.

Steve Rose & Barbara Isham:

Leslie Jackson & Brenda Haire:

Steve Marsh & Sandra Vasquez:

Ted Moberg & Myriam Hubbard:

Stewart Mathis & Charlyne Woodard:

Roby Morris & Bee Sterett:

David Thurman & Sheila Ward:

Bob Hillert & Vickie Reas:

David Richardson & Sherri Sledge:

Mike Liddle & Donna Johnson:

Randy Kunze & Sylvia Callaway:

Tim Blocker & Karen Buckingham:

Buzz Gardner & Jere Miller: