Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Navigating this Blog

  • Topics are written as they come to mind and published in chronological order.
  • Multi-part topics are generally posted in sequential order and grouped together.  As they are published, they show up in reverse order in the archive list (see side-bar).
  • The Google search window works just the way its net search window does, but limits its search only to the blog.
  • Labels located at the end of each piece will find and return links to all other posts having that same label.  This is a very good tool for quickly locating similar material.  (Unfortunately, it depends on me to put the labels in, which I sometimes forget—so, it’s not perfect, nor am I).
  • Tip 1:  If you return to Google’s net search window and search for 1963 ehhs much of what is returned points to this blog. 
  • Tip 2:  Switch the Tip 1 returns view to “images” and nearly every image you see points to this blog.  This is a very easy way to skip around the blog to things you want to see without having to plod through the archives.

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