Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR - Juan Williams

The daily flush of raw so-called news sewage came through today as an NPR item. A left-leaning commentator, Juan Williams, who I actually don't mind listening to, was fired from his NPR job night before last for saying on Fox News something that he was thinking with regard to Muslims.

Ellen, his titular boss, called him to say he was terminated from his 10-year association with NPR and that nothing he could say in person would change the decision. Vivian, Ellen's feckless boss, publicly defended the reprehensible decision today. If you want to know more about this silly stuff, there are enough names and facts included here to Google for more information.

No offense ladies, but I'm grateful that I never had to work for a female boss, pee in a bottle at work, or submit myself and my SSN for harebrained background checks.  I would probably have taken the same path Michael Roberts, an Expressjet pilot took yesterday at the Memphis TSA check point. Fukit. Bravo Michael.

Juan, you chose your own poison, bud. Time to pull the plug on tax supported NPR, it is nothing more than a Liberal-Progressive blowhole sucking a tax-supported teat.

Followup note:  Ellen was forced out about 2-months after this event (and she most likely didn't initiate Juan's firing even though she made the phone call...she was probably Vivian's designated scapegoat).  Vivian was forced out about 4-months after Juan's firing, as a result of another NPR scandal.  Juan is doing well, 


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