Monday, March 13, 2006

Updates & Annoucements

Updates & Annoucements

Blog articles may be edited from time to time as new information comes to light.  Such changes will be announced here and links provided.

1.       EH - Paschal game  (Added pictures

2.       Harold Snow   (Note: Scroll to the bottom of Harold, click Label at end entitled, "LEGENDS, PRANKS", to pull up all similar articles.  (
4/23/2011 - added a then and now picture of THE VULTURES to the Saga)

3.       Big E Beauty Pageant        (Note: Added scanned 1962 Highland Fling program. 6/09/2011 )

4.        Favorites  
(Note: Added Favorites pictures for all 3 EH years, Class of 1963. 7/28/2011)

(Note: 9-19-2011: Added a CONSERVATIVES ONLY button to the sidebar.)
My inclusion of some political comments in this blog has offended a couple of people who were not bashful about voicing their displeasure.

Gus is impervious to political intimidation, holding to the old notion that an American is free to do or say as he or she wishes, whether offensive to others or not; the only risk being, exclusion from the Group. However, Gus has never felt himself beholden to any particular Group, thus Gus does not really care whether he is included or not.

Due to recent communication from one or two folks for whom Gus does care, Gus has decided to remove all political comment from this Highlander blog to a separate “Gus Wuz Thinkin’” blog. Gus is flattered that some of his old classmates do enjoy and respect his efforts and appreciate the times we spent together so many years ago as evidenced by their sense of possessiveness of the blog. Gus has bent to the kind encouragement of friends…and not to the others.

Gus has provided a special button entitled CONSERVATIVES ONLY on the right side bar. If you are conservative and interested in what Gus has to say about some of the current political world, you are welcome to punch in. However, if you are a left-leaner, DO NOT GO THERE. If you do, know that Gus will not respond to any criticism nor engage in any debate with you, nor will Gus have the slightest concern that you are offended by what he says.


6 Meadowbrook & Handley Elementary and Junior High class pictures.  (Added a Hub Page to concentrate access to all pictures from a single page. 11/28/2011)

7.       Big E Beauty Pageant        (Note: Added 1964 Miss Big E, Sharon Elliot, and finalists. 1/11/2012) 

8. 1963-64 NHS. (Added picture of 1963-64 NHS 1/11/2012)

9. New Tandy Elementary class pictures of future 1963 Highlanders added 3/12/2012.

10. Added LINK hub to scans of all Seniors published in the CLAN yearbooks, 1960-65.    (6/10/2012)

11.  Added team photos for 1953 and 1954 Meadowbrook Jr. Hi. football teams--the new school's first 2 teams.  (2/25/2013)

12.  Added new toddler photos to the "First Steps" posting.  (2/24/2013)

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