Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1961 - 1965 Big E Queens

The Big E Beauty Pageant was a portion of an annual Spring variety program called the "Highland Fling". The pageant was something dreamed up by principal Roy C. Johnson and Miss Miriam Moore, one of the P.E. teachers. The contest was modeled after the Miss America Pageant without the swimsuit competition. Formal evening gowns and talent presentation were a part of the competition and outside judges were brought in. About 15-girls entered the competition each year.

Note the change in the evening gown designs from 1961-63 to the 1964-65 winners. By 1964-65 the gowns had become more tailored and sleek in appearance, compared to the Antebellum style of the earlier gowns. The only thing I can think of that changed in our society during those years was the JFK assassination which has long been called the end of our innocence. Maybe the newer gowns were starting to reflect that...all of them are lovely, though.

The first 5 winners and finalists are shown in these pictures. We had some pretty girls among us, didn't we?

 1961 Miss Big E: Darla Houlihan (’62); finalist: Judy Oxford (’62); Lynda Lynch (’61), Patsy Phelps (’61), Judy Hill (’63).

1962 Miss Big E: Carol Reeder (’62); finalist: Marsha Routt (’62); Pam Shear (’64), Laretta Ardoyno (’62), Susan Begley (’63).

1963 Miss Big E: Susan Begley (’63); finalist: Judy Hill (’63), Sharon Elliot (’64), Jane Welborn (’63), Cheryl Reeder (’63).

1964 Miss Big E: Sharon Elliot (’64); finalist: Angela Meer (’65); Nancy O’Neil (’64), Christy Hawrylak (’65), Shelia Ward (’64).

1965 Miss Big E: Bonnie Pemberton (’67); finalist: Dixie Davis (’67); Judi Ryno (’65), Christy Hawrylak (’65), Angela Meer (’65).


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