Monday, October 25, 2010

The Finger



dkmccook said...

There is a great shot in the 61 annual from EHHS where David Teague shot the finger in a group photo of hands.

Gus said...

Page 3...I had not noticed that before. Small, subtle actions caught in old pictures like this one fascinate me...and I look for them. See the Felton Havins & Carol Reeder article where I posted a couple of pictures where other things were going on.

Anonymous said...

Saturday I went to a Methodist Church a few miles away to donate blood...the blood bank from Ft W was here for the collections. I have continued the practice of donating since my Vietnam military service -- back when 'Heck' was still a pup.

My, the red tape nowadays to give clean living folks. But political discussion was going on as soon as I entered the room, presenting me an opportunity to announce my opinion: "I think Obama is a socialist, Marxist, and racist." In bitter tone, one heavy (are they always) female blood yummer exclaimed, "How is he racist?" No mention of Socialist and Marxist.

I said, "By that which is on his mind, in his writings and he learned from the pulpit ahead of him." Angered she was. And yup, she is to be the one digging in my arm for my donation. She twisted the needle in me a third time...the only 'nurse' ever to not find my vein in one shot.

As she is up close to me, one on one like, I said to her, "You did this to me intentionally, because you relate to Obama by skin color rather than seeing abuse of our country." She pulled the needle and another, nicer lady found my vein in the standard -- one try…all net.

My arm is really black at the joint now. When in the company of low ethics, preventing our own country from going the way of a Nazi Norway can be 'sticky' and "twisty."

Gus said...

There is little doubt in my mind that white-black race relations are worse now than they were in the bad old days of our youth. We were largely segregated then of course, and that was an unfortunate remnant of our past, long before the earth was graced with our presence. People in our time sought to rectify the matter; however, the noble intent has been appallingly hijacked.

Younger people, such as your vampire, have simply not been educated properly, resulting in the ignorance you saw playing out at your skin’s surface. It’s a real shame, but perfectly understandable. Only when we can address life with a kind heart and infinite patience, can we hope to see a change in this rotten situation. However, note to our black brethren: each of us must make our own contributions…the road is not one-way, nor should you expect it to be.

Two of the finest men I have known were black men I knew in the service over 40-years ago. We trusted our lives to one another. Before retiring, one earned his first star in the service; the other was an enlisted man I haven’t seen since. They shared some common traits…they gave a fair effort, they did not complain, they did their jobs and helped others do theirs, and they maintained a quiet competence at all times.