Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ringing the Bell

Perhaps you have heard about the outrage playing out in Bell, CA, a suburban town of about 36,000 in the Los Angeles area. This is where the City Council and its Manager have been stuffing their own pockets with millions of dollars taken from the blue collar residents in the form of exorbitant property taxes and fees.

They have been arrested and charged now, but still, one can only wonder how many other small towns across our nation are in the grip of similar corruption.

Troy, NY (pop. 49,000) made the news this week involving what has the appearance of a systemic practice of corruption where the local political machine is accused of casting phony ballots for itself. Of course, this is the political silly season.

How bad can things get? Well, if you were a resident of Naples today, the answer is, pretty darned bad.

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