Monday, May 28, 2012

1960 - 1965 Senior Class Pictures Link Hub

Links below will take you to the Highlander Blog posting where all Senior pages from that year's CLAN are posted.  They can be enlarged and copied to your computer.

LINK:  Class of 1960 Senior Pictures.         (first graduating class)

LINK:  Class of 1961 Senior Pictures.

LINK:  Class of 1962 Senior Pictures.

LINK:  Class of 1963 Senior Pictures.

LINK:  Class of 1964 Senior Pictures.

LINK:  Class of 1965 Senior Pictures.

Subsequent classes are welcome if you wish.  However, you do the scanning work and provide me with nice quality results similar to those already posted.

Until about 1970 or so, we had a similar experience at EHHS.  After that, as the old song went, "the times, they were-a-changin'" ............ everywhere.

LINK:  All Class Rosters & Honor Graduates


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