Sunday, December 13, 2009

1958 Meadowbrook Buffaloes

Found this interesting team photo showing both the 8th and 9th grade boys on the Meadowbrook football team in 1958. Some of these kids went on to play football as a Highlander...they are marked with a green dot.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Time Passes - Part 2

Thinking about my last post a bit more, I thought something was missing. Rather than look at air transport development in a couple of 50-year increments, why not take a look in 25-year increments? That reveals a somewhat different story.

Where we were on an unmistakable, nearly century-long upward slope until the early 1980's, culminating in the SST entering service, it seems that we have really entered a plateau in the past 25-years--about the time our children were heavily involved in school. Suddenly, it seems that we no longer wanted to go to the moon any more; no more bigger, better, faster cars or planes; just bigger houses and SUV's. Fooey.