Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evil - 2

During the 20th Century the collection of thugs shown at right were the personification of EVIL for at least 2-generations of us.  Several of them were lawyers, a couple had advanced degrees, a couple were high-ranking generals...together, all of them were responsible for the deaths of over 50,000,000 people. 

We tried them, then hung 10 of them on 16 October 1946.  They generally ranged in age between 45 - 55, with only a few of them older than that.  Until they were brought to justice, they had about 10-12 years of living a high life, leading the massacre of millions, and causing the destruction of their country.

They probably didn't set out to become  the bastards they ultimately became, but some people have trouble managing power.  Be that as it may, their faces and names are forever inscribed on the roles of the truly evil. 

As I mentioned in the last posting, people like this intrigue and puzzle me.  I wonder why they became what they became and I also wonder if it is possible to determine anything that could be applied to living people among us.  Beats me, but its worth keeping the knowledge of this kind of evil available to teach our young and hopefully enable them to become even more cautious in their daily dealings with others.

As teaching American History in our schools seems to be a declining imperative we might consider helping our own learn some of the things they need to know.  In 1974 the BBC made a 26-part series that put a tremendous amount of WWII history into video format.  Nothing like it has been done since, nor is it ever likely to be.  The World at War included interviews with a number of high ranking leaders of the USA, Britain, and Germany who have now taken their places in history...should that history continue to be learned.  It's a good investment and much more meaningful now than it was when I recall seeing parts of it on TV over 35-years ago.  There are 11 DVD discs in the set and it is readily available on eBay. 


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Anonymous said...

I think the deck is heavier on the side of wrong doing here and now; more sophisticated and harder to undo, than the skills of the Nazi.

There are so many things not so much as discussed by what we think are national and world 'leaders' -- "leaders" of our own choices. Infragard, Builderberg, transgressions of the alphabet depts using the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and the use of judges that carte blanc support them are simple examples. Black projects: secret bases several on land and off shore that our voted representitives have no say so over. High tech paid for by our tax dollars we have no say to; we get no use of the tech on a public use. Secret bunkers being replicated as we sit here to talk...I do not want my leaders to survive more handily than my own family; allowing them to do so is dangerous.

Many of us would prefer to opt out of paying for countless things our taxes pay. "Pay", for the empowerment and image of 'leaders' whom steal more of our liberty daily...those who steal our money have in truth stolen our time...our life.

In this time of runaway gov, I would first see hope when a legislator would stand at the mike to say, 'We only passed two minor laws this session -- we played a great deal of dominoes and removed 500 sociolist laws off the books; we did not use some of your tax money to feather our own hat in foriegn lands, lazy endeavors, and places we hide what the wiener does-- we are sending that portion back to you.'

Nanny Nanny Nanny no more.