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1959–1964 Highlander Sports Queens and Princesses

1961 & 1962 Football Princesses

Long before it occurred to free-spirited kids to consider electing some kid named Mike for their Homecoming Queen, young people of our time took the selection of our beauties seriously. The pictures show 48 young ladies elected by the various sports teams to serve as their Queens and Princesses…beauties, all. And very nice young people, too.
A separate posting about the football queens, Carol Reeder and Susan Begley, can be found here.





 1961 Football Princesses: Darla Houlihan, Carol Warkentin Miller, Rebecca Willis, Marsha Routt, Jackie Rogers, and Judy Oxford.
1962 Football Princesses: Marsha Myers, Mollie Howell, Linda Dunham, and Candy Hamilton.
Basketball Court: 1962 Queen - Judy Oxford; Princesses - Paula McClung & Becky Welch. 1963 Queen - Barbara Isham; Princesses - Judy Hill & Gail Morrison.  1964 Queen - Brenda Haire.  1965 Queen - Becky Wright.
Track Court: 1962 Queen - Karen Ruble; Princesses - Diane Hardin & Linda Dunham. 1963 Queen - Judy Hill; Princesses - Linda Dunham & Alice Bretz.  1964 Queen - Barbara Isham.  1965 Queen - Vicki Herring.
Baseball Court: 1962 Queen - Trisha Blocker; Princesses - Zoe Ann Hunter & Sally Tarpley. 1963 Queen - Gail DeVore; Princesses - Suzanne Woodall & Jackie Howell.  1964 Queen - Donna Johnson.  1965 Queen - Sandra Marks.

Sometimes it's a little difficult to recall or tell someone when THE Sixties really began...I place it about 1965-66 with ramp up of soldiers sent to Vietnam and Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe" and the start of protest music. Other things changed very quickly during those few years after we left and long hair, for example. Below are the 1968 & 1972 EHHS Homecoming Queen and Princesses.

And the 1960 (Class of 1961) Homecoming Queen and her court:

Left to Right: Joann Parker, Jackie Nantz, Talana Hadsell, Lynda Lynch, and Ann Day.

The 1964 (Class of 1965) Homecoming Queen and her court:

The 1959 (Class of 1960) Homecoming Queen and her court:

Left to Right: Georgia Mills, Nan Logan, Nancy Armstrong, Barbara Bruton, Susan Moody, Linda Denny, and Rita Patterson.  QUEEN:  Diann Jordon.

remerciez le ciel de jolies filles

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