Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Evil - 1

Evil is intriguing...it's dangerous, insidious, and not worthy of too much thought.  However, ignoring it doesn't strike me as being very wise either. 

Bundy and Dahmer we know.  This Assange character puzzles me.  He seems to reside somewhere between noble and evil, depending on who owns the gored ox. 

There is little doubt that releasing some of our military secrets to the world could harm our people, but it would seem that putting such sensitive information in the hands of an Army private who then gave it away is pretty negligent also.  The responsibility for that lapse in judgment lies within our own military management structure who may now be seeking to deflect their own culpability. 

Any larger business organization will have people who, after screwing up, would go to great lengths to cover up their own negligence and responsibility.  There is some sense that they must be perfect in all matters.  An experienced manager will back his or her people, even when they screw up, providing they don't make a habit of it or try to cover up.  Unfortunately, it seems more and more that we lack experienced managers these days.

Well, we know 2 of the stories illustrated.  The third one will clarify in time.  Can anything be inferred from the faces?  I don't know.


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