Friday, October 08, 2010

Pretty Girls – Part 1

Let’s face it guys, we’ve been wired all our lives to appreciate a pretty girl when we see one. It started sometime around the 6th or 7th grade and to a greater or lesser degree has been with us for over 50-years now. I have little doubt that if we are blessed enough to live a decade or two longer, we will have been a captive of that part of nature for upwards of 70-years before we check out.

Our problem is that for the most part we never advanced our taste in women much beyond that 18-40 year age range. That problem has gotten us into trouble with wives, elicited an “eww” now and then, and has generally caused us to suppress a portion of our fundamental nature…probably for the best, all things considered.

Photography has been with us for little more than a 160-years now, and although it always seemed logical to me that some young women of past centuries were most likely just as attractive as those of that age range today, I’ve never really seen an old picture of one. However, with so much available online today, it is possible to explore the subject a bit.

For instance, the collage above shows a couple of popular and very attractive film stars of the early 1960s and a couple of 1962 Highlanders, Carol Warkentin and Carol Reeder, who I always thought were very attractive. I think our Highlander girls compared very favorably with the best Hollywood put on the screen in those days, don’t you?

Dieu merci pour les jolies filles


Anonymous said...

Gus, your ideas, writing, and expertice with this site...a treasure for hundreds of EHHS 'sill Highlanders'.

At the 65th Birthday Party this past year, a number of the 'girls' still have the look, the charm and pleasant attitudes. The "girls" were not so interested in me, these nor any, during my high school days. However I find it interesting, that if I knew a girl in her young years, forever I see her in young beauty. It is in the eyes, if the eyes say it is ok to see me "charming", then the 'eyes have it'.

Natalie Wood was my favorite girl on screen, though there were girls of our class I wished for more. I remember two different times of taking an F on a report, because: I could not just then errect in front of the class. Yet the girls did not know this average guy existed. Imagination at EHHS never had to be taught.

The best music ever...during our times. The best young women, in styles, poise, smarts -- quality...well, our times were as good as any ever. --As they tortured.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post to this entry earlier and I feel it got chopped in cyber world. Hope this does not make a double comment.

Your site is a pride of many of us EHHS still 'Highlanders'.

Natalie Wood was my favorite gal on screen, but there were girls of our class that occupied many of my average guy thoughts. Wonderful girls, and not to mention the names...they have nice husbands and great children.

Girls of EHHS were so often classy, poised, smart, charming, and a certain one or two (for me) with that appeal 'stuff'.

I remember one time for certain in English and another possibly in history, I refused to errect up in front of the class to give a report. Just took the 'F', as it would be too embarrassing to stand in front of the class. This was not the result of thinking of movie stars, but girl next door types right in the room.

We had the best music era. Best girls too. Some at the 65th Birthday Party still have the charm. It seems that if you knew them young, and can see the 'it is ok to see me that way' in their seems the charm lasts forever. The attraction endures; the come here eye is -- 'A' grade.

There were lots of good girls of our time. A possible pick of most anyone of them; share and do fair for a life time.

Gus said...

Thanks for your comments and kind thoughts. You're right...any number of the girls in our class would have made fine mates for life. and I think most of them have. I doubt that few of them to this day realize how difficult it could be for a lad to muster up the courage to call and ask for a date...especially if he were reaching a bit beyond his maturity and substance at the time. Good golly, the sweaty palms and dry throat. But we got better at it with practice and for the most part, our girls were the ones who helped us sharpen our skills as we were getting started in life. For that alone, they are very special to me.

You will note that I have not, nor will I comment specifically on any of our 1963 class beauties. To determine who they were, all one need do is to find a '63 Clan and look for the big pictures. At this late date, making specific comments of that nature would not do justice to all the "late bloomers" or serve any useful purpose I can think of. However, dealing with the topic of pretty girls in a general way is interesting in that it acknowledges the early and strong effect our own pretty girls had on our development, even if they, themselves never really knew it. Like you, my memories of them is a kind a time warp where they and I are forever's kind of a pleasant place. Gus