Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Link Hub – Elementary & Junior High Class Pictures

Meadowbrook Junior High  (1959, 1960, 1961, & 1962 - EH Classes of '62, '63, '64 & '65)

Handley Junior High

Meadowbrook Elementary

Tandy Elementary

Sagamore Hill Elementary

East Handley Elementary

West Handley Elementary

Little Elementary (now part of Arlington ISD)

Consider this page as a hub, similar to an airline hub where you can go directly to your destination in one jump. Due to the random nature with which reference material comes in and the random nature of things coming into my mind, a lot of information is scattered throughout this now massive blog.

Link to Meadowbrook Elementary Collage.

Various organization tools available through the Blogger software are useful, but require a bit more than a casual knowledge in order to get the most out of them. “Labels” will quickly find all articles I have flagged with a given term; the internal Google search will find all articles having the key words or names you select, and the “Archive” will take you to specific articles, but searching it is tedious due to the large number of articles.

Using the “quick links” you used to get to this page is efficient, but as you can see, putting too many of them in can clutter the side bar, ultimately making it much less useful (user friendly?). Using the links above will take you directly to that page and the page is internal to this blog which should result in no dead links—something I don't like in other web pages.

If this works well, I will apply the idea to other multi-page topics located in the blog. Remember, this page only deals with class pictures.

Note to Class of 1962 & 1964: Consider adding your class pictures and other material, if you have them—we knew you pretty well, too.

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