Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alma Mater - by Judy Lingenfelter

Although the school was only starting its second year when we entered as Sophomores fall 1960, it seemed that everything was already set in stone. We were the Highlanders, our colors were blue, grey, and white, and we had an Alma Mater. All that was started during the first year of the new school...the one that had taken place just before we got there.

Somehow we knew the Alma Mater was written by a student named Judy Lingenfelter, probably because her name was printed along with the words everywhere we saw them. And what's more, Judy was still among us. She was a Class of 1961 Senior during our first year. I don't recall seeing her very often, except anytime there was a school program that involved music. Her portrait and bio shows that Judy was a very accomplished scholar during those first 2 years.

This piece was prompted by the recent arrival of a scan copy of one of the original ballots used by the first EHHS students to select the EHHS Alma Mater in 1959. Of interest is not only the ballot itself with Judy's words printed in the #4 position, but also the words of the 3 other competitors for selection as our Alma Mater.

Music and Lyrics By
Judy Lingenfelter
(Student at EHHS, 1959)

Dear Eastern Hills, awake the sun,

As we arise, Life's race to run.

Your hallowed halls with mem'ries ring,

Our joyful hearts and voices sing.

Hail, gallant team, you heed our vic’try cry!

Hail school Supreme, we hold your colors high!

Tho' life's great peaks may give us thrills,

You are the summit, Eastern Hills!

Our pride in you fulfill our days.

Within these walls we've come to know

Where, throughout life, our paths should go,

Now we would strive because for you we must.

To keep alive a flame of faith and trust.

Wisdom and hope in us instill

Dear Alma Mater, Eastern Hills.

Awoke the Sun...many times.....

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