Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Honor Roll - Meadowbrook & Eastern Hills HS

While doing some online research into the particulars of the Leonard's Star Award last year I discovered that the topic was a fairly tough one to address. The article linked above may be the only reference to the award currently found online using a Google search. The problem was that the pins and the program occurred a long time ago, a lot of the recipients may no longer be with us, or may simply not be online in this space so they can communicate. However, there was another aspect of those awards that made things difficult...they were given to a relatively small number of students.

I was thinking that the cards shown in this article might well suffer some of the same threat of oblivion...small number of original recipients, of the survivors only a small number of them still have these things available to scan, and perhaps fewer still know how to use a scanner; and fewer still of those know how to post the images to a blog...etc.

Anyway, these cards were given out each 6-weeks with the report cards to those who had earned the requisite grades. A "B" honor roll required an "A" in citizenship and no grade below a "B". The "A" honor roll was tougher...no grade below an "A". There weren't too many "A" honor roll cards given out.

The EHHS cards were a different color each 6-weeks, resulting in a kind of rainbow collection if you got some of them. But the Meadowbroook cards were just 2 colors--a dull gold for "B" honor roll and a bright white printed on glossy card stock for "A". Further, the EHHS cards were all the same with the differentiation being only the letter "A" stamped on their centers. The official sounding words "entitled to all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto" was printed prominently below one's name, but

I never quite knew what any of those rights and privileges were. Maybe like so much else in life, they were just words...maybe I should have asked and possibly gotten the pregnant silence in response. That would have been amusing.


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