Friday, September 23, 2011

EHHS Class of 1963 / Meadowbrook Elementary 1951 – 1957

The grade school classes in this posting show about 25% of the EHHS Class of 1963 as they matured through the grades at Meadowbrook Elementary. These were the kids who had been in school together the longest when we graduated. There was a smaller group that came from Handley and fewer still from Sagamore Hill Elementary....their class pictures would be welcome here, too. If you have some of those grade school class pictures please send them in.  Link to our Tandy kids.

See the current projects page where picture IDs are most recently being worked on.

Miss Patricia Hill, 1st grade: 1951-52

Fully named and believed to be correct.

Identified thus far:  Tommy Hamiltion, Paul Brown, Charles Bruce*, Linda Barr*, Brenda Bettinger*, Carl Scott, Ronnie Harris*, Mike Wilkinson, Reynolds Miller*, Lonnie Williams, Michael James, David Gilbert*, Melinda Hord, Jane Wellborn*, Nancy Barnes*, Rocky Johnson,  Susan Begley*, Lynda Johnson, Marion Alice Jones, Bobby Grove*, Tom Koebernick*, Linda Langdon*, Jimmy Northcutt, Bradley Billings, Barry McKenna*, Jeanette Barber*, Don Harrington, Steve Means*, Earl “Buggy” Hall, Thomas Kirke, Jack Larry Wortham, Donna Ritchey*.

Mrs. Noreen McVean, 1st grade

Some help with names, please.

Identified thus far:  Bill Murray, Bill Hoffman, Betsy Hunter, Earl “Buggy” Hall, Bruce Butler,  Daniel McCollum, Bobby Massey.  Sharon Ballem, Dean Bockman, Mike Cooper, Tom Castillion, Mary Ellen Young, Bob Sands, James Gilmartin, Dennis Withers, Sandra Diehl, Janet Hooten; Bob Larmer, Charles Jones, Nan Bodine, Don Sowell, Robert Hancock, Paul Tate, maybe Mike Grizzard Susan Hofmann, Suzanne Skinner (McDonald).

Mrs. Rubye Wenzel’s 2nd grade

Some help with names, please.

Identified thus far: Steve Means, Tom Koebernick, Bobby Grove, David Gilbert, Reggie Wilkins, Barry McKenna, Ronnie Harris, Charles Bruce, Linda Barr, Brenda Bettinger, Mike Wilkinson, James Gilmartin, Carol Eldridge, Linda Langdon, Linda Johnson, Susan Begley, Max Zaharis, Reynolds Miller, Susie Wadlington, Diane Hamilton, Jimmy Northcut, Rita Riedel, Nancy Barnes, Sara Cunningham, Warren Koch.

Miss Allie Meacham, 2nd grade:      1952-53

Some help with names, please.

Identified thus far:  Paul Tate, Robert Hancock, Bob Sands,  Bob Larmer, Ed Hullem, Nancy Lathrop, Bill Murray, Gary Turner, Marcia Huckaby, Daniel McCollum, Phyllis Buckman, Sandra Diehl, Betsy Hunter, Bill Hoffman, Dennis Withers, Earl “Buggy” Hall, Janet Hooten, Dean Bockman, Don Sowell, Pam Perry, Sharon Ballem, Bruce Butler, Mary Ellen Young, Mike Cooper, Suzanne Skinner, Tom Castillion, Bobby Massey, Charles Jones, Susan Hofmann, Nan Bodine.

Miss Madell Barnes, 3rd grade:

Some help with names, please.

Identified thus far: Bob Massey, Tom Koebernick, Charles Bruce, Marcia Huckaby, Ronnie Harris, Billy Hoffman, Nancy Lathrop, Juanita ?, Linda Barr, Melinda, Sara Cunningham, Bob Grove, Mike Wilkinson, Bill Winkler, ? Buckingham, Bob Larmer, Donna Ritchey, Sandra Diehl, Mary Young, Jimmy Northcut,Steve Means, Lonnie Schetter, Mike Cooper, Paul Tate, Bob Sands.

Mrs. Donna Remus, 3rd grade:

Identified thus far: Ed Hullem, David Gilbert, Reynolds Miller, Tommy Castillion, Betsy Hunter,  Carol Eldridge, Daniel McCollom, Carl Scott, Susie Wadlington, Sharon Ballem, Susan Harris, Kay Cotham, Susan Begley, Helen Butler, Nancy Barnes, Pam Perry, Jimmy Cox, Lynda Johnson, Dean Bockman, Bruce Butler, Mrs. Remus, Jim Ballard, Mac Taylor.

Mrs. Elsie Plummer 5th grade:

Fully named and believed to be correct.

Identified thus far: Jimmy Northcut, Paul Tate, Jimmy Johnson, Doug Martin, Nancy Lathrop,Bobby Massey, Marcia Huckaby, Linda Barr, Susan Harris, Bill Hoffman, Sandra Diehl, Tom Koebernick, Melinda, Bruce Butler, Bob Larmer, Bill Winkler, Linda Langdon, Robert Cole?, Bob Grove, Mike Wilkinson, Sam Scott. Sara Cunningham, Tom Beaman, Steve Means, Mary Young, Cheryl Reeder, Buckingham, Donna Ritchey, Bob Sands, Jeff Nusbaum

There may have been another 5th & 6th grade class, was it yours? Do you have a picture to send? Attach to an email, see Contact at top right-side side bar.

Mrs. Jennie M. Williams 5th grade:

Some help with names, please.

Identified thus far: Reynolds Miller, Dean Bockman, Bob Ladd, Bruce Butler, Ed Hullem, Jimmy Cox, Bill Hunsaker, Daniel Unknown, Julie Hudson, Candy Woodward, Luci Middlebrook, Janet Ryder, Susie Wadlington, Carl Scott, Tom Kirk, Helen Butler, Susan Hofmann, Vicki Held, Carol Eldridge, Nancy Barnes, Kay Cotham, Susan Harris, David Gilbert, Danny Massey, Jim Ballard, Mac Taylor, Mrs. Williams, Linda Johnson, Susan Begley, Pam Perry, Sharon Ballem.

Mrs. Elizabeth Few 6th grade:

Fully named and believed to be correct.

Identified thus far: Susan Harris, Berta Smith, Harriet Hamilton, Jametta Long, Bill Hunsaker, Bill Gilmore, Charles Jones, Charles Bruce, Jimmy Cox, Sara Cunningham, Tom Koebernick, Dean Bockman, Linda Langdon, Jeff Nusbaum, Teddy Rye, Gail DeVore Susan Begley, Susan Hofmann, Don Sowell, Jeanette Barber, Sharon Ballem, Bob Dillard, Suzanne McDonald, Bruce McDonald, Bill Parkening, Julie Hudson, Mike Wilkins, Jim Ballard, Francina Mason, Mary Young, Judy McKinney, Marion Howard, Jimmy Northcutt, Robert West.

Mr. Frank Blackstone  6th grade:

Fully named and believed to be correct.

Identified thus far: Bill Hoffman, Paul Fleming, Gary Turner, Ronnie Harris, Carl Scott, Brenda Bettinger, Susie Wadlington, Dianne Weimann, Kayla Jones, Beth Wofford, Nancy Lathrop, Betsey Hunter, Melinda Hard, Bob Sands, Gay Burton, Bruce Butler, Tom Kirke, Bob Ladd, Diane Hill, Linda Langdon, Janet Hooton, Carol Eldridge, Phyllis Buckman, Mac Taylor, Steve Means, Mike Cooper, Warren Koch, Reggie Wilkins, Lonnie Kelley, Helen Butler, Sherry Balthrop, Nancy Barnes, Celia Beall, Mr. Frank Blackstone, Janet Jackson, Kendall McCook, Robert Hancock.

Mrs. Ward 6th grade:

Fully named and believed to be correct.

East Handley 5th grade:




Galen said...

Love these photos. I came along several years later, but I loved Ms. McVean and Ms. Wenzel!

Gus said...

It's the first time they have ever been brought together. The moppets each took theirs home and they went into a folder or scrapbook to be viewed now and then ever since. Or, simply lost or destroyed by various causes.

About 25-30% of our EH class came from Meadowbrook Elementary.

Anonymous said...

East Handley 5th grade photo, Fred Culbertson is the kid standing next to Scotty Locke. He would have been a 1963 EHHS grad but tragically died in a car accident when we were in 9th grade at Handley Junior High.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is Fred Sloan-instead of Fred Culberson