Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Susie Wadlington & Paul Tate

Interesting short bios from 1963, just before they struck off for college.

Note that Paul says he had started developing a taste for several musicians including "Ralph Bacardi."  Steve Means said that same thing in his Lad & Lassie bio.  Tate and Means and their TARTAN insider confederate, Dillard, were proud of slipping that little bit of naughtiness by Mrs. Priddy, the TARTAN sponsor—she retired about a year later.

They and some of their friends had started trying a little "demon rum" and beer during their last semester at EH.  I'm reasonably certain there hadn't been much, if any, drinking before that.  Believe it or not folks, a lot of us in those days didn't drink, nor smoke, and unless I was entirely clueless, do any drugs.  I can say with certainty that I don't recall any whispers in the hallways of anyone doing drugs, although there were probably a few that did...they just weren't a part of our clutch of friends.

Susie was one of our kindest Highlander hearts.  She always had a ready smile and a positive attitude…just one of those really neat people to count among your friends.  Smart as a whip, too; she graduated Magna Cum Laude, was inducted to the National Honor Society as a Sophomore (Paul, too), and was a 3-year Leonard Star Award winner.  However, no one topped Paul…he was our top male graduate, finishing first in our class among a tough crowd of academic competitors.


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