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Student Council

Did you ever wonder what some of those clubs and groups shown in your old yearbooks did? Me, too. Student Council was one of those small, innocuous clubs that was a fairly prestigious group among the others. At the beginning of each year, each homeroom class would nominate and elect a Student Council "representative" from its numbers. As I recall, they tended to be the same kids each year because homeroom class makeup tended not to change much from one year to the next.

This page will examine who the members of Student Council were through our years at EHHS, starting with one Council that was formed at Meadowbrook Jr. Hi. a couple of years before we got to EHHS.

 1958 - 1959 Meadowbrook Jr. Hi. Student Council

1960 - 1961 Eastern Hills HS Student Council

 This 1960-61 is an interesting picture showing some high powered youngsters. 1961 Mr. EHHS - Charles Sweeney; 1962 Mr. EHHS - Don Reynolds; 1963 Mr. EHHS - Bob Dillard, also 1961 Top Boy Graduate - Ray Waddell; 1962 Top Boy Graduate - Don Reynolds; 1963 Top Boy Graduate - Paul Tate.

1960-61 Members: Gene Held, Roy Vandiver, Paul Tate, Bobby Dillard, Don Reynolds, Henry Richardson, Charles Sweeney, Martha Jo Fry, Gail Brannon, Joe Dickerson, Doyle Davis, Jane Wellborn, Ray Waddell, Fred Culberson, Bruce Grove, Louis Miller, Dana Gant, Sherry Brooks, Jo Ann Autry, Margaret Ferrell, Delilah Perkinson, Carole Jenson, Susan Harris, Betty Helm, Jan Grady, Becky Welch, Jean Ferguson, Jackie Rogers, Donna Rankin. (29)

1961 - 1962 Eastern Hills HS Student Council

 This 1961-62 picture may include alternates as it shows 56 students. Since each home room elected 1 representative you can multiply the number shown by 30-35 for a rough estimate of the school population. We did not have over 1600 students by this year. It was more on the order of 1200 or a bit less.

1961-62 Members: Margaret Ferrell, Fred Culberson, Vicki Reas, Sherri Sledge, Judy Garrett, Susan Harris, Marilyn Milburn, Betty Helm, Jo Ann Autry, Linda Lawrence, Carol Reeder, Judy Mack, Sherrie Hoffman, Phyllis Buckman, Linda Schmidt, Miller, Nancy O’Neil, Donna Beene, Cynthia Childs, Connie Lewis, Barbara Isham, Pam Shear, Jan Waddell, Linda Ferguson, Jane Wellborn, Donnie Dillon, Jan Grady, Susie Wadlington, Mary Oliver, Susan Begley, Judy Hill, Karen Ruble, Kim Nelson, Steve Franks, Bill Hoffman, Al Lewis, Carl Johnson, Don Pipes, Bill Winkler, Jim Young, Richard James, Don’t Know, David Tracy, Jimmy Cox, Gary Trainer, Kendall McCook, Paul Tate, Roy Vandiver, Don Reynolds, Hancock, Johnny Dominy, Edward McKinley, Bruce Grove, David Richardson, Polson, Bob Hillert.

1962 - 1963 Eastern Hills HS Student Council

 1962-63 Members: Geneta Anderson, Bob Dillard, Smith, Suzanne Speck, Julie Hudson, Brooks, Debbie Maddox, Conatser, Judy Bice, Sherri Sledge, Carole Ballem, Teems, Hubbard, Illene Miller, Senchack, Beth Woffard, Connie Lewis, Shelia Ward, Jan Grady, Kim Nelson, Charles Nimitz, Charles Rigby, Betty Helm, O’Neill, Doug Martin, Clark, Boydston, Bracken, Morrow, Johnny Norman, Tom Koebernick, Johnny Dominy, Steve Dillard, Mike Grizzard, Carl Johnson, Wayne Hardy, Steve Latham, Keeton.

 1962 - 1963 Student Council Officers
David Bane, Bob Dillard, Geneta Anderson

1963 - 1964 Student Council Officers
 Carl Johnson, Geneta Anderson, David Richardson


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