Saturday, September 24, 2011

EHHS Class of 1961 / Meadowbrook Elementary 1949 – 1955 + East Handley Elementary

Note to Class of 1961 members: If you know some of these kids, let me know using the email contact upper right and I will add names to the pictures. If you have other elementary class pictures for your class, send them in for posting here.

Mrs. Rubye Wenzel's 2nd grade 1950-51

Miss Ray's 4th grade 1952-53

Miss Rosser's 4th grade 1952-53 EAST HANDLEY

Mrs. Jack's 5th grade 1953-54 EAST HANDLEY


 Phil Morris in this picture.
A '61 recalls:  "If I remember correctly, there was a plaque or marker in front of the building that said it had been built by the WPA or one of the other New Deal agencies. When we arrived in the fall of '49, a new wing with four new classrooms was being finished. A lot of the neighborhood was built in the '30's, but much of it was post-war, too. Where I lived, a few blocks west, was on a entire street of new 2-bedroom frame houses like the one in the photo, bought by our parents on the GI Bill."

2nd grade - 1950-51

 Jackie Nantz in this picture.

 Judy Lingenfelter, author of the EHHS Alma Mater in this picture.

1960 Football Queen Talana Hadsell in this picture

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