Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11 From Space

This striking photo taken from orbit overhead provides a terrific overview of the outrage. It started circulating on some of the online news outlets yesterday. To my mind, an image like this clearly shows just how much real estate enemies of this country would have to overcome to really do us serious damage.

Although the attack was immensely tragic and those who would try more such attacks remain focused on their evil intent, it’s worth remembering that most of them lack running water, are mostly illiterate, and they go to war with box cutters or in the back of small pick-up trucks. It seems constructive to use images like this to keep things in perspective.

The direct loss of human life at this site on this day was about 0.001% of our population, or stated another way, less than half the number of all people we lose every day in this country from all causes.

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the savage act in 2001, we are looking for a number of potential threats, but mostly for 3 individuals who have apparently been tasked to detonate a car bomb somewhere. The news further states that if they fail in that attack, they have been ordered to murder as many of our citizens as possible where they can. Seems to me that a similar attack could be activated on any given day anywhere, so it’s incumbent on us to remain vigilant, say a prayer, but not to be frightened to go about our business…it’s only 3 morons, after all. And even if it were to be 20 morons, the image shows the worst they have been able to muster thus far.

Hitch ‘em up, my fellow Americans.

By the way, Capt. Sully landed his plane just under the "H" in Hudson River.


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