Sunday, May 29, 2011

Victory at Sea on DVD

Perhaps you’ve already seen this DVD set in the Walmart cheap video bins….$5. If you were like me, about 1953-54 you anxiously waited each week for NBC to broadcast the next program in their Victory at Sea series. Not much in them meant much to me…Dad flew in the Air Corps over Europe, but the visuals were mesmerizing. And its music was composed by Richard Rogers (Rogers & Hammerstein).

If you’re stumped for an occasional gift for a grandchild, or even for one of your offspring, you could do much worse than giving one of these 3-disc sets. At $5 they are an incredible bargain. With the Internet available these days, they can launch off in hundreds of different directions to learn something triggered by things they see in the videos. Given the state of current public education, the chances of your grandchildren learning anything approximating this information is probably slight.

Film used in these programs was of the period and the narration script was close enough in time to the events that it could be considered of the period also. I always like to read or view source material similar to the documents of the past few posts as they are not subject to later interpretations which can, at times, skew the truth.


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