Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pictures I want – Got any?

Here are some pictures I would like to have to use in illustrating this blog. If you have any of them, please send me a good scan as an email attachment to the “contact” email address, upper right.

1-2013 Update: Gus notes that this is a popular page that attracts a lot of visitors. However, Gus also notes that response is disappointing. Gus believes that is largely due to one or more of 5 factors:

     1-you have none of these things;
     2-you have them, but are technologically challenged or just plain lazy about getting off your tail to get what you have scanned and sent in;
     3-you’re still pissed off that you weren’t voted ‘favorite” or more troubling, still pissed that someone else was;
     4-your old boy/girl friend broke your heart, so heck with it;
     5-your grandchildren are taking up so much of your time…baloney, they’re in school now.

Note to the technology challenged: Take your pictures to WalMart, ask them to scan your pictures to a jump drive…it’s surprisingly cheap and once done you have your e-files available to load into any USB device.


1958 and earlier class pictures from Meadowbrook, Tandy, and Sagamore Hill Elementary, Handley Elementary schools. These would have been taken in 1958 or before and show some of the future members of the EH Class of 1963. Hopefully they are identified on the back.

Also want similar class pictures for EH Class of 1961 - 1962 - 1964, since we '63s knew a lot of you, too and plan to enlarge this mega-site to include our adjacent classmates.


1960,  these were 4-page folded sheets containing all grad names.


What was and who started the Thaelis & Delphi service clubs? Besides hosting a couple of annual dances, what else did you do? Were they associated with a local Women's Club?  My present thought (11/2012) was that the idea originated from the Poly area and was a kind of East Side move toward identifying future debs apart from the old school West Side.  Your thoughts?


Looking for information, pictures, and recollections of this celebration at Meadowbrook during the 1950s to 1960s.  It is believed to have started about 1953 and continued annually until at least 1965.  Quite a production.



S.Mc said...

Why are you looking for information about Thaelis?

Gus said...

There were a couple of similar clubs at Poly called, I think, LEVI & LETI, suggesting that the idea for Thaelis and Delphi might have been an evolution from the Poly clubs. Would like to learn of how they originated and of their affiliations with senior organizations, if any.

Anonymous said...

LETI stood for "Let everyone take interest" and had no restrictions on membership. It had as its purpose the providing of social service, on a volunteer basis, but had no pretensions toward exclusivity. It would be an activity listed by seniors below their pictures in the yearbook, and thus was not considered private, off-campus, or "secret"

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