Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Clan - Eastern Hills High School Yearbook

If we attended classes at EH for 3-years, we came into contact with 5 different classes; 2 older, and 2 younger, plus our own. I got a yearbook each year...suppose most of us did. They came out sometime during the summer months and we spent a few hours of a summer evening having others sign the books. Some of those sentiments can be interesting reading even now.

I've picked up a 1965 Clan which was issued a couple of years after we left EH. In it the Sophomores of our 1963 Clan are in their Senior year. It's interesting to see the growth and maturity that took place after we left. Of course, every generation did exactly the same growing during those same years.

In reviewing the yearbooks I've seen some significant differences between them, in terms of picture quality and layout. Those are areas where the individual talents and skills of each annual staff reveal themselves. Personally, I think the 1962 Clan was the best layout and photo quality, followed closely by the 1961 Clan.

Our 1963 Clan cover is the best to my eye and the photo quality and layout, while still good, was not quite up to the earlier standards. The 1965 Clan I received recently is significantly lower in terms of photo quality and layout.

The Clan cover pictures in this posting are the first 6 Clans issued. I have not yet seen a 1964 Clan.


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