Monday, May 09, 2011

Mollie Howell & Steve Means

Interesting short bios from February 1963, just before they struck off for college.

Note that Steve says he and Tate had started developing a taste for several musicians including "Ralph Bacardi". They, and their TARTAN insider confederate, Dillard, were proud of slipping that little bit of naughtiness by Mrs. Priddy, the TARTAN sponsor.

They and some of their friends had started trying a little "demon rum" and beer during their last semester at EH. I'm reasonably certain there hadn't been much, if any, drinking before that. Believe it or not folks, a lot of us in those days didn't drink, nor smoke, and unless I was entirely clueless, do any drugs. I can say with certainty that I don't recall any whispers in the hallways of anyone doing drugs, although there were probably a few that did...they just weren't a part of our clutch of friends.


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