Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Sit Room

This picture came out along with a lot of others in recent days. It is reported to depict some of our top government officials watching the end of Osama in real time. In the interest of some inexplicable nod to keeping a non-existent peace, we the people are not to be permitted to see what they saw...the corps (sic) of Osama.

As a result, conspiracy theories are multiplying like wildfire. We may never know what they were looking at, but there have been some unsubstantiated reports...



Jim said...

I note none of the computers are on so "me thinks" you could be correct.

Gus said...

It's really tough to be old enough to recall when our government was led by adults. They faced real and potent enemies that could mobilize armies, air forces, and navies, all possessing missiles tipped with all manner of destructive firepower. I cannot imagine those leaders massing so many of their top staff to observe a 4-unit commando raid to neutralize a solo "Mr. Big." Seems that a job like this would have been given to a competent Colonel with instructions to report when it is done. Too much drama for my taste.