Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1962 - 1963 Football Team Managers

For 3-years Tom Hendrick and Fred Alvord were the varsity football team managers. I think John Alcon was a year younger and joined them in their second year, 1961. To tell the truth I don't quite know what all they did, but they did serve at the pleasure of Coach Mitcham and apparently did their job quite well.
As a player, all I saw was a fairly uniform cranky attitude from all 3 of them. Why they stayed cranky, I never did know, but the only contact I had with them was when one of them stayed by the showers as guardian of the stack of towels...one per customer and no more! Maybe that's what kept them cranky, because almost everyone could have made use of a second towel and many tried to filch an extra one.
I'm sure they were the keepers of the game uniforms, hauled ice water out to the practice field every day, taped some ankles, and a lot of other things that needed doing.
All in all, it must have been a pretty thankless job in close proximity to more than a few prima donnas. Anyway, they did a good job.


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