Monday, April 04, 2011

National Honor Society – Part 3


Charter members of the EHHS National Honor Society appear to have been entirely members of the last Handley High School NHS before all the Handley high school classes were moved to EHHS.  The second picture shows that spring's inductees, some of whom would be the existing membership of the following year, 1960-61.  Included among them is Melany Burton, our Class of 1963's Gay Burton's older sister.

The picture above picture shows both the existing 1960-1961 members together with the new Spring 1961 inductees.  Note the red ! at far left marking Bobby Dillard in one of his trademark group picture crashes…he was not a member of NHS at this point, but would be inducted the next year.  Note also that whoever prepared the picture ID list for the Clan threw him off the list!  Dillard was known for his ability to work picture days into a day off from classes while he stood around waiting for the next photo op. 

This second picture shows only the existing 1961-1962 members.  There was another picture in that yearbook showing only the Spring 1962 inductees, which for the most part are those shown in the following 1963 members picture.

This third picture shows the 49 existing 1962-1963 members.  They were, unless things changed in some subsequent years, the last Chapter 8752 NHS members to have been selected on the basis of their Character, Leadership, and Service in addition to Scholarship in accordance with the NHS founding principles.  Note that in the last row, just right of center that Bob Dillard is now pictured as an officially inducted member in good standing!


This picture of the following year, 1963-64 NHS membership numbers increase of 200% in the membership of the previously exclusive NHS chapter at EHHS. Such was the result of Roy C. Johnson's decision to overrule Mrs. Dorothy Conway's structure of NHS; also note that Mrs. Conway is no longer associated with this group...the first time she was not the sponsor of this august organization since the school's founding.



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