Saturday, April 02, 2011

George Mitcham - James Willingham - Dub Graves - Susan Begley - Shelia Ward

These biographies were published in the 1962 Booster Club sports brochure. As I recall each of these men, the biographies were accurate...they were good guys, each of them. Dub Graves was the character of the bunch as is shown in the bio from the previous year brochure. I guess he or someone decided to straighten up the wording a bit for the subsequent year, 1962...the 1961 bio is an amusing read. It would appear that Graves and Mitcham may have played football together at Poly, but I don't recall them as being particularly close. Personality wise, Mitcham was a straight arrow; Willingham was all business with an upbeat manner; and Graves was a character.

The back cover lists all the 1962 4A-5 football games on the back and a couple of our lovely Highlanders on the front. Susan Begley would later that year become the 3rd winner of the Big E Beauty Pageant and the 1962 Homecoming Queen, while Shelia Ward, a 1964 Highlander, was one of the favorites of that class.

April 13, 2011 update: I guess I had a crush on one of these young ladies or maybe it was due to our not getting too many opportunities to effectively appraise figures back in those days...whatever the reason, I kept this clipping from the S-T that shows a Miss Mermaid publicity picture in which 3 of our contemporary Highlanders appeared. Sheila Ward ('64), Dianne Hardin ('63), and Pam Shear ('64) were contestants in the contest that Shelia won (hence, her picture on the Booster Club brochure above. As anyone can see, they were cuties. Excuse me, is that too un-PC?


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