Friday, April 01, 2011

Darla Houlihan & Roy C. Johnson

This is a good picture of Darla Houlihan, a 1962 Highlander and the very first winner of the Big E Beauty Pagent. Her mom was the school secretary during the first years of EHHS. The picture was printed on a letter size booklet put together by the Booster Club as a fund raiser at the beginning of each year. The back cover shows the composite 4A-5 (Ft. Worth ISD) football schedules for the 1961 football season.

Inside the booklet is this fairly comprehensive bio of Principal Roy C. Johnson. It's interesting in that it provides a glimpse of one man's growing to maturity in Texas during the Depression and WWII, including his work assignments in the FWISD from 1940-1963.

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