Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Airline Molestation - The Brain Trust - STILL !

Video posted today.

Other videos of this treatment of children are beginning to surface on Youtube. One LINK from Drudge goes to an interesting Blog that is apparently being hosted by the TSA itself, tasked with a public relations job to try and explain these kinds of things from their prospective. It's author has taken the screen name of Blogger Bob. Sounds condescending to my old ears, how about yours? Why not Security Sue or Patty Patdown or Grif Grope?

The problem with poorly qualified management, as many of us old duffers know, is that the organizations under their supervision tend to wander in pointless or dumb directions. Lower level supervisors usually take the blame, if the higher managers can make it stick. There is very little incentive in those kinds of organizations for lower level managers to take initiative; for them, there is only a downside. Given the factors in this case, I would not be at all surprised to see several possible responses from TSA management: 1-Ban all pictures in the security area; 2-Criminalize criticism; 3-Intimidate. I think they are already doing some of these things.

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