Saturday, April 09, 2011

1961 & 1962 Booster Club Brochures






BF said...

Hello Gus,

I discovered your entertaining blog by accident during a search a while back. You may not remember me but I played football with you guys my junior year since I was ineligible for the varsity after moving Ft.Worth from Waco just after the end of the season. I'll never forget Coach McBee and the Rinky-Dinks. And I was able to attend all of the games your senior year when you won district.

It has been sad to hear about losing friends like Sam Scott and Steve Means. I had not seen them since high school but they were important to me.

I suppose with the class of ‘62 50th coming up in 2012 some of this is on my mind. Retirement has a way of doing that. I gather you are retired also—your blog is a great project. I wish you all the best and hope to read your posts for many years to come.


Gus said...

Hi BF, Thanks for writing. I remember you quite well, a quiet, solid guy. Sam and Steve were close friends of mine; it was very sad to see they had passed away.

I suppose that no matter what level we were able to attain as kids playing Texas schoolboy football, we were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to play. There is just nothing like Texas football anywhere else in the country where I’ve lived. That is what has been on my mind while writing some of the pieces on the topic.

Thanks for your encouragement on the blog. I started it as a project to learn how to use the blog tools and determine if I could write candidly about people without hurting or angering them. Please feel free to comment on any of the postings. Best regards, Gus

BF said...

Gus, I don't want to stroke you too much, but you do a really good job on the site. Your articles are clear and enjoyable. Good mix of storytelling and memories. I cannot imagine anyone taking offense. Keep it up, this approach works.

I really enjoyed my time at EHHS. As a junior transfer I never really fit into any particular group. I was fortunate to play with the Rinky Dinks because that introduced me to the class of '63, and a lot of good friends. BF

Gus said...

Thanks, BF, drop in anytime and again, comments are always welcome