Friday, January 07, 2011

NPR - Juan Williams - plus 76-days

This is a short update of an earlier posting on this subject back in October.  Juan Williams' titular boss, Ellen, was given her walking papers today and Ellen's feckless NPR boss, Vivian, didn't get her year-end bonus, aw shucks.

Williams came out of the deal sitting pretty.  He's got a big book deal and is being used more as a commentator on Fox News.

Meanwhile, today in the 112th House of Representatives first business session, the United States Constitution is being read into the record.  This is a useful thing to do, since the 111th House, led by former Speaker Nancy Pelosie, showed clear signs that the Democratics had no idea that such a document existed.  They took no time to read the legislation they rammed through, so the notion that any of them might have read the Constitution lacks merit.

As for Vivian, keep in mind that there is no way that Ellen acted in a vacuum when she fired Juan Williams.  Ellen almost certainly acted on orders from her supervisor....Vivian.  H-m-m.


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