Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meadowbrook Junior High - 1960

For better or worse, here some of us were as 9th Grade Meadowbrook Buffaloes in May 1960.  The next fall we would be EHHS Sophomores, starting out at the bottom of the pile once more.

These sheets are probably quite rare as there was no yearbook published during our junior high years; just these composite pages printed in the school newspaper.  You've got to be quite a pack rat to have saved this kind of stuff all these years, and that I am.

Then you have to fumble around with the scanner to get the oversize sheets digitized in pieces and stuck together.  Enjoy the memories.

I think I counted about 230 pics here which would be more than 2/3 of the 1963 EH senior class.  However, a fair number of these kids went to Poly after this and we picked up a contingent from Handley at EH. 

Any idea how many 6th grade classes fed this school and from which elementary schools?

    Meadowbrook Elementary
    Tandy Elementary
    Sagamore Hill Elementary




Anonymous said...

I have not changed! Thanks Gus.

Anonymous said...

One of the many elementary schools will be Littles Elementary, right in the middle of horny toad central...you mentioned the horny toads a while back.

The super fine teacher our class, at Littles, had the last two years was still teaching in about 94 (and her Mom was still driving a car at that time)...giving piano lessons as well. I heard of her being active, got her ph # and called her. Asked to take her to lunch. Oh my. Just from the ph call -- She thought I could be a mugger or a strange man by then...ding dong, I never thought of that? I merely wanted her to see me now that I could 'sdpell' a few words, and advise her of her inspiration I could yet hear.

Earlier 2000's I heard my old elementary girlfriend, 1st thru 6th, which I had not seen since the 6th grade...I heard she had been mighty sick. Welp...since I tend to take right back up with old frineds precisely where we last left off...I did detective work to find her ph number. I used that to find her email address (my guardian angel told me so!)..."Ohooo you were the sweetest little girl, I was crushed to have to be separated from ya". She thought I was a stalker; so much for cheering up, when 'agrivating' gets a back out of bed all the same.

Good work Gus. I see a number of kids on the above photo's which became my friends. I think?

No wonder when 'some' see one they once had a foundness for...they might think about it until 'um's' are already gone...maybe.

Smile, there are funny things of us all.

Jan said...

Wow, thank you Gus. This is just great. Jan

Gus said...

I think the telemarketing onslaught ran most of us off the phone as a useful communications tool.

It’s true that picking up with someone we knew ages ago, is somewhat difficult considering all the living and history that has occurred in the ensuing years. And while that wonderful teacher was one of a few you had, you were one of the hundreds or thousands she taught.

One of my old friends mentioned “re-meeting” others at one of the reunions which is a good way to put it. The years and separation tend to reset our registers with respect to any shared interests we might have once enjoyed as younger people. In a sense, we have to start over again on subsequent meetings. However, on those subsequent occasions we do have the advantage of knowing at least something about one another.

Anonymous said...

Being the poster mentioning our later years elementary teacher. That teacher, not nearly young at the time, had by then so long stayed in my mind of her greatness.

Things she taught 'me' jingled around in my head, at times helping me through teenage years, the military, after long pursuits of like-me-minded females, to marriage, raising kids, writing, business and corn pone inventions.

Even when my own kids were competing in talent contests, I would often think of this teachers mentoring to me, as I designed their programs and tuned their instruments.

When I challenge art, often doing new forms (to me), never once do I do it without hearing her voice of encouragement well back to those times.

As I set and count them up, she remains to be one of the 5 most influencial people of this one life. A life of no greatness! But, she taught each life can be great, and should be lived accordingly. When going by that practice, tossing in a few rules she also taught...one is better suited to treat others likewise.

In all sense of the term, she was a genius of a teacher. In her genius, I wonder if she had any insight as to how many of us would go on to hear her words and value them....eventually.

Time can love more; free from the insisted presense, where love is outside the window.


Anonymous said...

hey gus, page four of the class
pictures,names are incorrect.
page 4 row 2 third picture is
reggie wilkins

Gus said...

Gracious Reggie, that error was made by some 15-year old 50-years ago. I'll fix it for you. Gus