Monday, January 10, 2011

My Name is Peggy

I was trying to set something up on Facebook a couple of days ago and hit a stumbling point.  Google the question…it takes me right back into Facebook and one of its forums.  Fair enough. 

The second answerer appeared to be one of those tech support type of guys…his answer had an air of authority about it and seemed to make sense.  His screen name was Ashfaq something.  This ain’t Deb or Jimmy down at the Facebook store, I’m thinking.  Depending on how much information an account holder wishes to give away, it may be possible to learn more about who and where Ashfaq is. 

Turns out that Ashfaq is a resident of the island of Mauritius.  Where the heck is that?  Look it up…a small tropical island east of the larger island of Madagascar off the coast of Mozambique—the tip of Africa.  O.K., so this dude living in the ocean off the tip of Africa is answering my question about Facebook….need to be very careful what I put out on Facebook, but then again, I already knew that.

This example is a pretty good one by way of illustration of how far your computer screen reaches out into the world. 

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