Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'll probably pull this post back after a few days...didn't really want to deal with it.  However, the cartoon someone sent me today was too pointed not to share.  The outrage is, as most of us know, just another incident in a long line of similar senseless violent incidents stretching back at least to JFK and Dallas.  I'm sure there are some actuarial calculations that would accurately predict losses like this over any given period of time.

That's not to diminish the profound loss to the families.  However, the vulgar media and political circus that quickly sprung up immediately after the crime was truly repugnant.  Leftists of all stripes took their wild shots at anything they could, to see if anything stuck.  I think they have been successful in further exposing their own decay.  I don't know what good can come of something like this...but maybe something can.  We can hope.


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