Monday, November 22, 2010

R.I.P. - 2010

Just a short post to update to record some of the passings of our teachers and classmates, or at least those I know of:

Roy C. Johnson - 1998
Billy Sills - 2002
Ruth Priddy - 1993
James L. Willingham - 1997
Johnny Howerton - 1981
Melvin Avery - 1990
Kenneth O. Vaughn - 1990
John Psomas - 1997
Ron McBee - 2000
Judy Oxford Hibbitts - 2009 (a '62 Highlander);

Below is a list taken from the EHHS 1965 site showing the Memorial listing of their lost classmates.

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Anonymous said...

I truely liked Scotty L; and I think we would have been closer friends had I not worked so much after school and lived far out to the edge of the district. He, Ray J, Terry F and I skipped school one senior day to go downtown and shoot pool all day. In Terry's beautiful 60 Chevy...rain drops beading on the waxed hood. That is a golden memory day; it was nice (no not sinister) of them to ask me along.

I see Susan Hoffman's picture there. I considered her a friend, and I was often amazed at how she could twist her mind insideout...write upside down and backwards and all. I felt she was a very nice human, though all of the ones picured I could refer as also very nice human's. But Gus, if with your amazing talent, should you be able to post any updates of Susan's odd demise...I would like to read that here. I have tried net searches numerous times since the net came along, and find it strange how nearly nothing is available. If it is you turn this back around on me and ask me, 'what do you know'. Just some bits and pieces of news shows of that time of occurance. Whatever I would say would be 'chancey fact'.

Also, I have wondered if Billy Sills had a brother named Frances(from our area I knew in the military)? If anyone knows.