Monday, November 08, 2010

Rejecting Big Brother & Sis

An interesting development in the full body scan wars today. "The president of the Allied Pilots Association, which represents 11,500 pilots, many of whom work for American Airlines, has urged members of the union to revolt against the devices."
I'm glad I got wanderlust out of my system years ago.

Travel started becoming ponderous in the late 1970s when airline deregulation was thrust upon us. Air travel was great before that, though.  I recall when the airlines rarely sold the center seats which allowed for the center seat back between you and your fellow traveler to be folded down and used as a convenient drink stand--much more civil than that obnoxious little fold-down in front.  You could cross your legs and ride in relative comfort.  Flight attendants were gracious, pretty, and well trained...even the heshees.

Airline food was never outstanding, but it was pretty good then...yes you got a reasonable meal if your flight took place during a meal time.  What's changed?  Well, a couple of things that come to mind are the ascendancy of financial and accounting people to corporate leadership (I don't think they were never suited for leadership by lack of personality alone) and overreaching Democratics favoring egalitarian travel access for all.  Well, we have it, and the airports are more and more resembling bad bus stations.

Glib and unfair?  Sure...but like we gave "Peace a chance" perhaps we should give "Profiling" a chance, too.  Grandma and Grandpa aren't the problem.


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