Saturday, November 20, 2010

EHHS 1962 Homecoming - Susan Begley, Linda Dunham, Candy Hamilton, Mollie Howell, Marsha Meyers

I sent this picture to a friend recently and noticed how innocent those times were...look at the caption.  Not only were their pictures published along with their names...nothing odd there, but their home addresses are there too !!  Can you imagine doing that today?

Like all high school elections, this one was based somewhat on popularity, but with a twist.  The nominees were chosen by a vote of the football team, as were the final choices, and to some extent, the choices were influenced also by the regard members of the team had for each of these girls' steady date.

I don't remember all of the dating relationships, but as I recall it went something like this:  Susan Begley-Paul Shields; Linda Dunham-Jimmy Aitken; Candy Hamilton-don't recall; Mollie Howell-Sam Scott; and Marsha Meyers-David Bane.  Susan won and Sam & David (as co-captains) kissed her on the field at halftime which irked Paul & Mollie & Marsha...or something like that.

A high quality copy of a lot of these old pictures may be obtained from the UTA Library where the Star Telegram archival negatives are kept--not sure where the Ft. Worth Press negatives are now.  As far as I know, all of these ladies, except Marsha are still doing well.  Marsha married a guy named Andy Wilson in 1966, who 6-years later in a domestic dispute, in September 1972, shot and killed her before taking his own life.  Marsha was 27.

What I do recall about Marsha was that she was smart, small, attractive, smiled a lot, and had a very upbeat personality.  I think she went to Texas Tech after EH, but I'm not sure about that.


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