Thursday, November 18, 2010

Airport Molestation - Touching Junk

During my military service I recognized that there was really no "they" in this world. "They" usually resolved into 1 or 2 individuals having decision authority over a given situation. I also observed that low level workers like to invoke the generic "they said" or "they told" as an impenetrable defense in the event that someone had had enough abuse or delay at the hands of a low level minion and voiced a strenuous objection.

"They" are really not prepared, nor do they want to deal directly with objections from the masses "they" are charged with serving. This is true of both government and corporate "they" authorities. In fact, in recent decades "they" at the top have erected elaborate fortresses designed to disguise just where and who "they" really are. Just try to quickly find where a CEO is located. Of course, it's a reasonable position in most cases that "they" not expose themselves to us, because "we" are not always correct, nor do "they" at the top have the time to deal with a high volume of us. That is what lower tier "they" are for. Assuming the top level "they" are not complete idiots, then it's amongst the lower tier "they" where the problems begin to arise. Lower tier "they" can run the gambit of very good to very bad, but it is still the responsibility of "they" at the top of the stack to control their subordinate "they."

Still with me? I always found it useful to dig into an organization to find "they" at the top and direct my ire at them with a written document. In both corporations and in government organizations written documents have a special protected status. Although the document can be destroyed it doesn't mean that it didn't exist. Destroying such a document can be problematic for a chieftain because a copy can often resurface at a later date. So a written document to the top "they" of an organization is nearly always retained and very often answered. It's a legal thing.

Depending on the quality of the response to your ire, you have a choice of dropping the matter or taking it further and to other audiences. If your ire is expressed as a "dammit" and the response is something like "screw yourself, very truly yours" then you have a great picture of what you are dealing with that you can wave far and wide.

Youtube and other online avenues are providing direct access to a lot of people that we never before had and "they" are only now beginning to learn the threat it poses to their business as usual approaches. I think it's great, but beware.  "They" will almost certainly move to throttle those avenues over time..

John Tyner, 31, took a stand at the San Diego airport a few days ago by refusing to have his junk touched in a physical search and was refused his boarding rights. John had recorded his encounter and posted it to Youtube within a few hours. It went viral and the furor rose so quickly that "they" could not ignore it. John may be a present day Patriot. In taking his stand he illustrated the effect of Airport Molestation that was going on and forced "they" out from their fortresses all in one short event. That's a remarkable feat.

I tend to dismiss younger guys like John as inexperienced and impulsive, but in his case I think he may be that horse of a different color. At 31, he is very young....Thomas Jefferson was 33 when he penned the Declaration of Independence; George Washington was 43; and John Hancock whose large signature is an icon on the Declaration was 39. In those days "they" were George III and his assorted subordinate "they."

Forward Freedom

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Anonymous said...

Gus, though I have related previously, that you write with charm and hard boot...again you, words in print, with novel approach are significant.

John Tyner is in the mold of Jefferson, Washington, and Hancock. And the cookie cutter surely has many more...millions more.

It seems to me the John Tyner story just took off, much like you say. If the truth were told in a courtroom, there is no telling how many "cookies" of the "cutter" have caused grief to the sociolists over this sexing. BFTGOGTGI And Homeland 'Terrorisum in Their' Security -- managed-- using terroristic threats, caused a silence of the revolts...per their MO.

Right soon (Mark it down) the crime will be in the reporting or filming of security proceedures. And my loved Jefferson would never approve of Karl "Marx" relations to liberty..

"One Piece at a Time".

<> Marx

<> Jefferson