Sunday, November 14, 2010

Airport Molestation

For the past few days, Drudge and a couple of websites have been running full-bore with this story which accompanies the introduction of full-body scanners at US airports.  I don't know whether any other outlets have been dealing with it or not.  However, the outrage has grown so quickly and so vociferously that Janet (b.1957, a FBG), has had to crawl out of her cave and speak to the situation.

Both the Flight Attendants' and Pilots' unions have recommended that their memberships decline the intrusive searches.  As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays the situation bears watching.  I would vote for a complete boycott of the airlines until this matter is reasonably settled.  But that's just me...I've never cared to put up with much bureaucratic crap during my lifetime--that includes corporate crap as well as governmental crap.

I'm not too sure of what I think of Janet.  She seems reasonably well grounded when I've seen her speak, but then again her name and mug seems to be repeatedly attached to one officious pile of crap after another.  She's the one, as I recall it, whose mug was attached to that paper that leaked out some months ago stressing that veterans pose a significant threat to the country's security, because of their military training.  That outrage exploded in her face and it had to be quickly retracted as a an unapproved draft written by some unnamed, low-level flunky.  There have been a couple of other events attributed to her, so I've begun to think where there is smoke, etc.

We grew up at a time and in a place where manners were taught and respect for others was the norm.  Common sense tended to be the norm also.  We weren't burdened by so much concern about hurting feelings of others...that would have been rude and subject either to some degree of censorship or a punch in the nose.  Shelby Foote, one of my favorite historians, frequently said that there was nothing so conducive to a polite society than the threat of a punch in the nose.  It's up to the younger generations now to hold on to their freedom...I hope they have the gonads; I'm not sure they do.

Some of our classmates flew as aircrew with the commercial airlines (Alice Bretz, Sharon Hubbard,  & Sharon Ballem come to mind).  Can you imagine what they might have had to say when some bag checker started to grope them?  I can.

Of course the aggressive hand searches are some bright light's notion of how best to drive (FBGs like that, they use it a lot) people into the full-body scanners...make the hand search so repugnant that the Sheeple will capitulate.  It's how thuggery works just short of taking out the blackjacks.

BTW, where are those FBG pillars of corporate prowess and leadership...the airline CEOs?  Haven't heard a peep from those cowards.


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Anonymous said...

The Patriot Act and Homeland Security do even worse than the previous 'precedenting our Constitution'(France spit) away. With these 3 scams of America the Constitution is in a meat wrapper, just above room temperature.

Where and when was the war? The "war" in which we lost or had to surrender our freedoms and liberty to terroists. If every 4th man, woman and child had already died in the defense of liberty...perhaps then, some might debate "surrender". But, it would this: that many would begin their most intense fight.

I have'nt seen one airliner blown out of the sky onto my own property, and all of the buildings I have helped to build are un-hit.

Marksist take what they can peaceably, with manipulation, cheat and false accusals(racism, weapons catche, religious right, "ex-military", human induced global warming etc), and they cheer the yelling of enough population, 'help us government, disorder is in our crowd, please 'Marks' them down with your world action-like control'.

More government is less liberty!

We have professional politicians of the wrong ideas; they go to our gov bodies to legislate (!), when more often it would favor us should they go to play dominoes, not accept a favor, not be protected by bunker, not make more than mere existance money, not have a Freshman induction, disallowed to belong to secret organizations...with prison time for catering to involvement in any gov tools or weapons to be remotely used against our own public or for supporting any black project. And a one page dirctions sheet can be made as to what taxpayers (not the wanter's) are willing for their money to be 'dumped off' to. Outside of that, it is theift.

In the view of our flag, is the full intentions that we -- fight without surrender. We did not fight yet, and history is full of regretable paths we are on.

Look how many people discover they are libertarians after all; which renders liberals inoffenssive. Squeek a liberal, and enjoy...knowing what they do is seeking of that which is unearned.