Tuesday, August 03, 2010

K.O. Vaughn – Sam Scott – Steve Means

These 2 pictures reminded me of an old story that I really never knew very well in the first place. Sam and Steve played on the tennis team as sophomores (1961) and juniors (1962), then dropped off the tennis team in their senior year (1963).

Sam and Steve were close friends and I seem to recall there being some kind of rancor between both of them and Mr. Vaughn, the Vice-principal and tennis team coach. I recall them grumbling about something Mr. Vaughn had done with regard to one or both of them. However, as the pictures illustrate, there they were on the tennis team one year, and on an intramural PE softball team the next year.

That was the 1963 championship intramural team and no wonder—with a couple of all-district football players helping out. It’s an interesting comparison to see the differences in physical stature between other members of the team and Sam & Steve—a couple of tree stumps at each end of the lineup.



dkmccook said...

Sam Scott passed away at a very young age. Not sure of details

Gus said...

What I know of Sam and Sam's passing can be found in these 2 earlier posts HERE and HERE