Thursday, August 19, 2010

1957 Meadowbrook Elementary

If you take a look in Facebook and find the “remember Fort Worth when” group, you will find a lot of interesting pictures people are posting, including the 1957 class photo above showing some of our 1963 Highlanders. Thanks mostly to Susan Begley, Bruce McDonald, and Bob Dillard we know all of these former moppets and a number of future 1963 Highlanders.

I would be very interested in getting a HQ scan of the other 1957 Meadowbrook and Handley 6th grade classes to ID like this one. There should be at least 1 and possibly 3 more pictures out there somewhere.

These days, after years of compounding experimental "education" initiatives, teechers' unions, about twice the number of "administrators" than when we were in school, and LBJ's GR8 Society, we get this kind of crap...


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