Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad Optics – Gravitas

During the past couple of days, broadcast news outlets I don’t patronize are all atwitter about Mrs. Obama’s poor “optics” on her recent trip to Spain. My favored news commentators assembled video collages demonstrating the old-line news commentators using nearly identical scripts.  “Optics” was the common buzzword. You may recall the repugnant overuse of “gravitas” in the old-line media attack on Mr. Bush a few years ago…”he lacks gravitasgravitasgravitasgravitas…” ad nauseum(Note to fledgling news producers: Don’t use talking point words not commonly used by us common people…overused odd words are conspicuous, especially when FNC sticks them all together and rams them down your throat or up your…)

I recall a movie line attributed to Sun Tzu that roughly went something like, “All warfare is based on deception. If your enemy is superior, evade her. If angry, irritate her. If equally matched, fight and if not: split and re-evaluate."

When we took the field for the kick-off all those years ago, we had butterflies in the pit of our stomachs; however, we also had the benefit of a pretty thorough scouting report on our opponents. If they had a snazzy tailback or a big fullback, we knew which ones they were.

France met Spain last year (above) and they looked evenly matched to me, so they fought. When the USA met Spain this year, it looks like we decided to evade. We might have been better off splitting. Could have been a bad scouting report - maybe we should fire the scouts.

Flag...backfield in motion

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