Friday, August 06, 2010

Don Imus – Network News

I voted for an incumbent Democratic once…bought the baloney that he was an intellectual gadfly who voted his conscience; however, once in office he was no different than the rest. Just another straight party-line voter when our president, also a Democratic, was called to account for diddling an intern, herself another Democratic, in our White House.

When I discovered Don Imus late in his career, I loved his rapier-sharp humor, but more importantly, he could interact with both political sides and cut through their party-line crap. He was able to draw an impressive lineup of politicians and media people to his show. Although his use of a racial slur was cited as the reason for his removal from his TV and radio shows, I’m fairly sure the real reason he was dispatched in 2007 was that he couldn’t be bought off and the '08 election was closing in.

Imus' show was the only reason I tuned into MSNBC…I haven’t watched a single minute of that pathetic network since 2007. The old-line network broadcast news hasn’t been of much interest or credibility for years…I simply don’t trust anything they have to say.

There are plenty of available avenues for news dissemination these days. My current approved line-up of broadcast network news:

Imus endured himself to me in many, many ways; one of the best being when he commented on a medical research news story claiming some success in extending life by 10-years. Imus quipped something like, "we don't need 10 more years when we're 80, we need those extra 10-years when we're 25."

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