Sunday, August 01, 2010

EHHS 1956 - 2004

While reading a Ft. Worth Architecture forum yesterday, one of the guys who knew what he was doing praised a historic aerial website, so I took a look. The 4-picture collage above came from the site.

Each picture is the same scale and oriented with North at the top; Meadowbrook Dr. at the bottom; Monterrey at the top; and a portion of the golf course at the upper left corner. Viewing top row L to R, then bottom row L to R, the dates are 2004, 1990, 1963, and 1956, giving a 50+ year look at the changes.

I found the 1956 picture most interesting as it shows the land before site work had begun to build the school. It is believed that the land that EHHS sits on was formerly owned by Jud & Inez Perry.  Of course, the 1963 picture is how we recall it, and the more recent pictures show the additions of buildings and reductions of school grounds open space...why do some of we humans feel compelled to do that? Progress and growth is the quick answer, but I, even with the addition of the 9th grade there are about the same number of students assigned to the school, and I think fewer of them graduate.

You can visit the aerial site and dig around for your own house and those of some of your friends. The 1956 aerials show the Toll Road under construction and a lot of my friends' houses not yet built--their lots were still wooded land.


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