Monday, August 09, 2010


Let’s accept the notion that all high school elections are popularity contests regardless of whether they were called favorites, officers, or king or queen of this or that. A few win and all others lose. And didn’t it seem that the same kids always won? There were just over 300 in our graduating class, 23 spots in the grid above, and we chose 12 different classmates for those spots.

Well, there was a little ebb and flow to it. However, on balance I would view these people as terrific youngsters even from today’s perspective. We got it right.

Wonder what made some people popular with us…there were a number of other terrific people that didn’t make the cut. One thing most of our favorites had in common was that they were generally outgoing and usually smiling…except David Bane who was quiet but always ready with a wide grin when he was addressed. Girls liked him because he was good looking, and the guys liked him well enough to elect him their football co-captain. He joined us as a Junior and gained quick acceptance.

Even the coaches gushed over David...Gary Cooper type…? I don't think Glen Brandon played on that 1962 championship team, I think he may have moved away; Gene Cartwright was a solid kid in all respects; and Tom Koebernick was one of the best people I knew during those years.


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