Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1952 - 1953 Meadowbrook Elementary Directory

This directory contains names and addresses of many of those I consider "originals," those of us who attended all 12-years of their public schooling together.  In these pages are future members of EHHS classes 1960 - 1964, as well as Poly class of 1959. 

Didn't count the names beyond one page; estimate about 500 - 550 kids listed.  Six grades would suggest about 40, or so per class, with each grade divided into 2 separate classes.  MJH would open the next year, in 1953.  Until this year, MJH classes were held on the second floor of this c.1936 building.

These are the second grade classes of the 1963 Highlanders who are listed in this directory.  

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