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1962 EHHS Highlander 50th Reunion

The EH Class of 1962 has announced the details of their 50th reunion which can be found at their website.  Edited details are posted above and below is a visual inventory of elementary school class pictures gathered from several adjacent classes to you ‘62s.

If you are a ’62 and have some of your old elementary class pictures long closed away in a box or scrapbook you might be able to reach, Gus would appreciate having a scan of what you have, regardless of which elementary school you attended.  Use the 200dpi setting on your scanner for a nice, clear scan.

Gus was always a little puzzled about the makeup of early EHHS and has been using this amazing Internet technology as a means to bring together information that has not heretofore been combined in such a manner…at least not to Gus’ knowledge.

Why do this?  Because it’s possible is one quick answer; but, another aspect of the study has been slowly revealing much of the variety of influences we experienced nearly 50-years ago and may not have understood.

Those of you from Handley brought your own long-established sub-culture; those from Meadowbrook came with a combination of the newer Middle-Meadowbrook area, the older Tandy area, and another older area from around Sagamore Hill and brought a sub-culture that had been established at least as long as Handley.  But we were also feeling the substantial influences of newcomers to the area as it built out after WWII.  All of this played out during the 1950s…the period covered by the elementary school class pictures.

In the pictures you can find several future Homecoming Queens, several favorites, several football heroes, and childhood friends of all sorts.

Look forward to hearing from you--similar input from the 1960 class is welcome here, too.

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